2023 Education Sessions with Danielle Truscott

15 June 2023

GP North is proud to partner with our General Practice Consultant Pharmacist and Educator, Danielle Truscott, to provide the following pharmacotherapeutics topics:

  • Demystifying Deprescribing – It does not need to be difficult
  • Medication Management Reviews – The what, why, how, where and when
  • Medicinal Cannabis
  • Prescribing Oral Supplements: Judicious – Appropriate – Safe – Effective
  • Urinary Incontinence: The role of medication

Each small group education session will take 1 hour. Sessions will be held at GP practices on weekdays,
during the day. If you are unable to gather a group of GPs, please contact GP North and alternative
arrangements can be negotiated to enable participation.

Attendance certificates will be emailed to GPs on request by completing the attendance register.

If you are interested in booking an education session please email GP North Administration Manager, Mrs
Kelly Gregory at officegpnorth@gmail.com