Education Sessions with Danielle Truscott – 2022

28 October 2022

General Practice North (GP North) is continuing to fund pharmacotherapeutics education sessions for GPs, GP Registrars and medical students working in General Practice in northern Tasmania (0363 area code) in 2022.

This initiative follows on from the sessions provided in 2021/2022 on the topics of Medicinal Cannabis and Nicotine Vaping which were very well received.

The topics to be next covered in the education sessions prepared and presented by General Practice Consultant Pharmacist and Educator Miss Danielle Truscott in 2022 are:

1. Prescribing oral supplements- Judicious-Appropriate- Safe- Effective (Part 1)

2. Prescribing oral supplements- Judicious-Appropriate- Safe- Effective (Part 2)

The presentations are evidence based, thought provoking, and provide a practical overview of the topics to support GPs in a time efficient way. The focussed topics are relevant to GPs as more than two thirds of Australians take one or more supplements and their use is increasing.

The aim of these sessions is to help GPs:
• to be better prepared to decide if an oral supplement has a place in a patient’s management plan
• be able to select a suitable oral supplement if considered an option or there is need
• safely prescribe or review and monitor the use of common oral supplements
• prescribe selected common oral supplements more effectively for better patient outcomes.

Each education session is for one hour and held at the General Practice rooms, during the day, on a week day. Due to limited availability of sessions it is preferable to have at least three GPs attending each session. However if this is an issue for your practice please contact GP North to negotiate a suitable alternative arrangement to facilitate participation.

To book an education session please contact Mrs Kelly Gregory, GP North Administration Manager, by email