31 December 2023

GP North is proud to partner with our General Practice Consultant Pharmacist and Educator, Danielle Truscott, to provide the following pharmacotherapeutics topics for 2024:

Heart Failure Medicines – a refresher for GPs
Heart failure (HF) is a common chronic medical condition managed by GPs. After participating in this educational presentation GPs should be better prepared to:

  • Discuss the medication management plan for heart failure depending on the left ventricular ejection fraction.
  • Prescribe effectively and safely the medications recommended in guidelines to reduce hospitalisation and improve survival for patients with heart failure.
  • Identify and deprescribe medicines that can worsen heart failure.
  • Support patients with education about their medical condition and self-management.

Read more about this topic here: Heart Failure Medicines

Biological Medicines – briefing for the GP

Biological medicines and biosimilars are complex and costly medicines which are becoming increasingly available and prescribed for a number of medical conditions.

After participating in this education session GPs should have a better understanding about:

  • What is a biological medicine and what is a ‘biosimilar’?
  • The development and manufacturing of biological medicines, such as monoclonal antibodies.
  • Discussion with patients about biological and biosimilar medicines, including switching between ‘reference medicines’ and biosimilars.
  • Medical conditions treated with biological medicines with practice pointers for GPs managing patients with inflammatory arthritis.
  • Infection risk management and vaccine choice for patients on some biological medicines.

Read more about this topic here: Biological Medicines

How to book a session
Each 1-hour education session is held during working hours on weekdays at General Practice rooms. It is preferable to have at least three GPs attending each session. If this is an issue for your practice please contact GP North to negotiate a suitable alternative arrangement including remote access via Zoom.
To book an education session please email Mrs Kelly Gregory GP North Administration Manager officegpnorth@gmail.com

On request participants will be emailed confirmation of attendance for the purpose of self-recording this small group learning CPD activity.